Our Team
Sergio Medina Jr. is North Calgary FC's Academy Director. He is responsible for creating and running our Academy Program. You will see Sergio at the majority of our Academy Training sessions, at all NCFC training events and if he has a day off from coaching, he's probably at the pitch watching a soccer game or two.

Sergio started playing at very young age (6 years old). He continued playing throughout his childhood, youth and adulthood, including a short period where he was qualified to play for a Chilean professional team. Sergio is very eager, devoted and committed to teach, coach and share his soccer knowledge with the community to help children and youth to develop sportsmanship, as well as to make it the “Main Focus” of his future.
Sergio Medina Sr. is North Calgary FC's Coaching Director. He is responsible for our coach development and implementing our Academy Program. You will also see him at some of the Academy Training Sessions. Sergio acts as the Head Coach of a few of NCFC's teams

Sergio comes from Santiago, Chile and started playing soccer at the age of 5. At the age of 15, Sergio was admitted into Universidad Catolica, a renowned Academy and powerful club in South America. At the end of 1973, Sergio moved to Mendoza, Argentina where he married his wife Patricia. They remained in Argentina for 4 years. In 1977 they arrived in Lethbridge, Canada with a baby on the way; to begin a new life.
Keenan Ince, is North Calgary FC's Grassroots Director. He is responsible for all of our NCFC Juniors programming. Keenan manages a team of Junior Trainers who help run the training sessions for the U4-U6 age group. In addition to NCFC Juniors, Keenan helps guide the U7-U9 coaches in transitioning into the CMSA program.

Keenan started playing community soccer from the age of 5 in Indonesia and fell in love with the sport. He would play every chance he got whether it be during recess at school, on his driveway at home, or at a nearby field with friends. Keenan played for his high school team before he moved to Calgary to pursue a Kinesiology degree. He continues to play soccer every chance he gets and wants to share this passion with every player he coaches.
Steven Canon-Almagro has been an Academy Trainer with us for the past 6 years. Steven is a passionate and skilled trainer who takes his love of the game and injects it into his training. You will see him at most Academy Training Sessions or on the pitch as Head coach for one of the NCFC teams.

Steven started playing when he was quite young and still plays today. The moment Steven started coaching soccer, he quickly developed a passion for it. Steven has worked as a technical trainer for MSB United for the past six years and he looks forward to helping the youth progress in their soccer journey with a fun, healthy soccer enviroment.
Angela is our Academy Administrator.
She assists the Academy Team with communications, scheduling training sessions, Teamsnap scheduling and the production and delivery of training content for our coaches.

If you have any questions about our Academy Program, she's the one to ask!