Safe Sport

Parent Expectation

Parents and Guardians must understand that a player’s commitment to their team is contingent on a resource to get them to and from events and sessions. This is most important for our younger players who have joined NCFC and rely on their parents to do so.
Please ensure that the player is prompt in their arrival and departure from team events. Coaches will assign an arrive by time to each event to ensure proper time warm-ups and discussions.

Parents are welcome to observe practices. However, they must refrain from comment and direct interaction with their child during the session.

Parents are encouraged to attend all games and support the team as one unit. At no time should parents coach, criticize, confront or make negative comments regarding the team, their opposition, the officiating or the coaching. Parents under no circumstances are to coach the players while on the field. The main focus of parents should be on cheering them on!

The coaching staff strongly urges parents to encourage their children to discuss their concerns and playing issues directly with the coaching staff. All parent concerns need to be addressed directly to the coaching staff. We will do all we can to be as open as possible to players’ concerns.

Failure to meet expectations could result in loss of playing time and potential benching. Together we can provide the best experience for our children!


At North Calgary FC the safety, rights and wellbeing of children participating in our programs is our number one priority. We nurture supportive and inclusive relationships with children while balancing and encouraging appropriate boundaries.

The intention of the Code of Conduct to protect children is to guide our volunteers in their interactions and development of healthy relations with the children involved in our organizations.

Appropriate treatment of children and keeping within boundaries:

  • Treat all children equally with respect
  • Create and maintain appropriate boundaries with all children
  • Activities must all be tied to your duties and designed to meet the child's needs
  • All communications with children must be through team app (Teamsnap), any communication outside of app must be with clear written consent from parent/guardian
  • Report all actions not in line with our commitment, or if in doubt of an interaction, to


North Calgary FC commits to ensuring that all activities adhere to the rule of two policy as outlined by Canada Soccer, following the below criteria:

  1. Take the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge.
  2. The coach is never alone and out of sight with a participant without another screened coach or screened adult (parent or volunteer) present. c. Allow training environment to be open to observation.
  3. Inform parents/guardians and players (particularly in a senior environment) that the club or team is aiming to achieve the highest expectation for the Rule of Two; that is, that two screened and NCCP-trained or certified coaches should always be present with an athlete e. To hold the club or team accountable, share these guidelines with parents/guardians and players and ask them to help identify situations, and acknowledge instances, when the club or team was not following the Rule of Two
  4. If a participant rides in a coach’s vehicle, another adult should be present (see Guidelines-Travel below). g. Consider the gender identity of the participant(s) when selecting the screened coaches and volunteers who are present. For teams that only have coaches who do not share the same gender identity of some or all the athletes (i.e., for girls’ and womens’ teams with male coaches), ask a parent/guardian or other volunteer of the gender identity of the athletes to serve as a regular volunteer or ‘bench parent/support’ with the team (see Guidelines-Gender Identity below).
  5. Recruit a Team Liaison or other individual to help find parents/guardians or volunteers to assist in situations where two screened and NCCP-trained or certified coaches may potentially not be present.
  6. Ask parents or other individuals who volunteer with the team to participate in the organization’s screening process and obtain a criminal record check.
  7. Provide parents/guardians and other volunteers with information about the NCCP so that they can become NCCP-trained or certified coaches (even if they are not actively coaching the team).
  8. Eliminate one-to-one electronic messaging. Ensure that all communications are sent to the group and/or include parents/guardians

Reference Material:

Reporting Requirements

Ensuring quick reporting is the duty of all volunteers, parents and employees at North Calgary FC.

If you are not sure whether the issue you have witnessed or heard about involves potentially illegal behavior or inappropriate behavior, discuss the issue directly with our VP of Administration who will support you through the process.

When an allegation or suspicion of inappropriate behavior is made, the organization will follow up and ensure there is a closed loop on the allegation and maintain a record of the occurrence.

If you are unable to get a hold of the VP administration you can contact or any member of the board on Our Team page.

Responsible Coaching Movement Champion

North Calgary FC is dedicated to being a leader in responsible coaching. As such, our organization is committing to implement supportive policies and processes that adhere to the three key areas of focus, ensure the safety and protection of your athletes and coaches, and provide your coaches with the tools and training necessary to model ethical behavior.

Our organization can be found on the list of Responsible Coaching Movement  Champions