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*All players will be charged the Minimum Academy Fee at the time of registration. Players placed in Tier I or II will be invoiced additionally once teams have been finalized
Players are placed on NCFC teams through an ongoing evaluation process.

When teams are created, we take into account the following factors:
  • Total number of players in the age group
  • Previous experience of new players joining
  • End of season player evaluations (Coach)
  • End of season player evaluations (Academy Team observations)
  • Current skill/tier level of player
  • Additional NCFC player evaluation events (if required)


  • All teams will have a minimum of one team practice per week.
  • All teams will have 1 to 2 Academy sessions per week in addition to their team practice, depending on their Tier.
  • Rise Strength and Performance Training
    Tier I&II: 8 sessions
    Tier III-V: 5 sessions
  • Training days/times and locations are subject to availability and will be determined once the team has been formed.


REGULAR SEASON: Oct 28, 2023 to Mar 10, 2024
WINTER BREAK: No games Dec 22 - Jan 5

Challenge Cup (Final 4 Playoffs)
Alberta Soccer Association Provincials March 15-17
- Opt-in Provincial Qualifier Cup runs through Jan 27 - Feb 25


  • Tier I - V
  • May play any day of the week


  • 7v7 including goalkeeper
  • Two 30-minute halves

LOCATION: CMSA supplied fields

REFEREES: Referees scheduled and paid by CMSA





*All players will be charged the Minimum Academy Fee at the time of registration. Players placed in Tier I or II will be invoiced additionally once teams have been finalized

Tier I & II: Maximum $325.00 for 20 sessions**
Tier III - V: $175 for 10 sessions

**Number of sessions will depend on available training space and will be confirmed with each team. You will only be invoiced for the sessions that were provided.


Once you have registered with North Calgary FC, you may withdraw your application for a full refund minus a $100.00 administration fee per player. Once player evaluations have started no refunds will be issued, regardless of attendance, tier or age placement.

*Exceptions will be made for season-ending injuries and will be prorated.

North Calgary FC registration is completed through a team management platform called Teamsnap. When registering, you will be asked to choose a payment method.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card (plus a ~3% surcharge for processing). Credit Card payments may be made in full or split into periodic instalments at no additional charge.
  • Kidsport or Jumpstart applications. (Please notify the treasurer if you are making applications for funding and then forward your acceptance email to the treasurer once you receive notifications from those organizations.)

All teams are coached by qualified volunteer coaches.

Our Academy Team supports the coaches by providing them with weekly lesson plans and detailed activities to use in practices.

We have many experienced coaches who are willing to help mentor new coaches to make sure all of our teams succeed.

North Calgary FC provides coaching education to all of our coaches. Starting with the Soccer Canada Community Stream Workshops and working up to the Provincial C Licence coaching certificate. To apply for a coaching position or to find out more about these programs, visit our COACHING page.


North Calgary FC is run by volunteers, and therefore as a minimum, each family group is asked to support your soccer program by volunteering for one position each soccer season. If all parents participate, the soccer program will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

At the time of registration, NCFC collects a $75 volunteer deposit, once your family has completed a volunteer position, that is approved by the Club, the deposit will be credited to the player’s account and refunded at the time of jersey refunds.

Roles that qualify for credit: 
  • Head Coach 
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager 
  • Season wrap up coordinators
  • Team Photo Coordinator 
  • Casino Helper
In addition to thesevolunteer roles all teams require volunteers who contribute  to support the team activities, however only those volunteer positions outlined above will qualify for a credit.  Duties such as field marshall, bench parent, linesperson, putting up nets etc., do not qualify for a volunteer credit but rather are part of being helpful to the general benefit of the team.

**If there are no coaching volunteers for your team, a $75/per player fee may be charged to pay for a coach.


We believe that every child should have the opportunity to play.

Do you need help with funding for your child's registration fees? Both Kidsport and Jumpstart are here to help keep kids in the game.  They do not apply the funding to technical training fees, but North Calgary FC has payment plans to help you out.  Contact Us to find out more.